Google is one of the most powerful online search tool which has been there for almost two decades. Google is the giant in the search industry and its competitors are way behind it, making it one of the final word for all search related activities. We all do a lot of searches in Google and most of the time we do searches in personalized Google search.

Personalized Google Search happens when we are logged into our Google Account either through Gmail or other Google Applications. In this case, most of the searches would be in a personalized mode and you can really see the difference when you conduct searches while logged into your Google account and logged out of your Google account for the same set of keywords. Google saves most of our search history in its database and this is visible to us if we need to have a look at our past search queries.

In both the cases you will see some slight differences in the search results. One of the major advantage of using personalized search option is that most of the search results will be related to your search behavior and you can also view your search history later in your life. Viewing the search results is one of the major advantage which can really help you in tracking your previous search history for any purposes.

It is just easy to view your search history in Google and there are no complicated steps that are involved in the process. Most of the time, there might be some occasions where you badly need to see your searches that was done in the past. Just follow the below given easy steps to view your search history in Personalized search more.

1) Go to

2) Log-in using your Google Account credentials.

3) Now you can see a list of searches conducted on each day.

4) Click on each search links to drill down further.

5) Now you are done with your job.

The above mentioned steps will help you in going back to your old search history and use it for analyzing your search history in a better way. You can see all the search history that you have conducted through your Google account either through desktop, mobile, tab or other devices. The Google Search history also offers other features such as deleting your search history for a particular day or date range and also provides the option to download your search results.

If you are not aware about this amazing feature by Google, then you can try this out and explore it in a better way.

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Belgium will take on Algeria in a Group H match of the 2014 World Cup Soccer at Estadio Mineirao in Belo Horizonte.  Belgium team is considered to be the dark horses of the 2014 world cup and has a considerable edge over Algeria in this match. Belgium or the Red Devils are returning to the world cup football arena after a gap of 12 years and this time they seem to have a bunch of amazing young players who do not have any dearth of talent and skills. Coach Marc Wilmots is pretty confident of a great performance by Belgium in this world cup and there are some players who will hold the key for Belgium’s performance in this world cup as well as in the future.
The last time when Belgium produced a spectacular show at the world cup soccer championship was during the 1986 World Cup when they reached the semi-finals before felling to Argentina, who went on to win the title that time. After that they failed to make an impact in the world championships and Enzo Scifo was one of the best players for them during the period between 1986 to 1994. After that the Belgium football team has failed to produce a high calibre player and remained out of the World cup championships for the last 12 years.

This time Belgium is determined to prove who good a team they are and they have some of the best players available. The likes of  Alderweireld, Kompany, Vermaelen, Vertonghen, Hazard,  Dembele, Witsel, Fellaini, Lukaku and Mirallas can spell danger to any of the best teams in the world. Lukaku was reported to be suffering from injury, but some sources has revealed that he is ready and fit for the world cup championship.

algeria If Belgium is the dark horse of the tournament, then Algeria is certainly the underdog with no sufficient international experience and they will really use this venue as a great platform to get more international exposure. But the Algerians cannot be written off so easily and they are pretty much capable of pulling out some surprises. The major players from Algerian world cup squad include  Mostefa, Bougherra, Cadamuro, Taider, Medjani, Soudani, Djabou and Feghouli.

The match will be the best opportunity for the Belgium team to warm up well for the 2014 world cup campaign and Belgium football fans hope that their team put up a formidable show in their opening match against Algeria. Belgium fans will be eagerly waiting to watch their favourite players in action and hope that Belgium does not let them down this time.

Germany started off their 2014 world cup campaign in style when they defeated the mighty Portugal 4-0 in a one sided match at Arena Fonte Nova stadium at Salvador. Portugal looked like a shadow of their original power and always looked like a team without a clear idea and plan. Thomas Muller of Germany scored the first goal in the 12th minute through a penalty and the second goal of the match was scored by Mats Hummels.

Meanwhile Portugal was reduced to 10 men when Pepe was shown the red card for head butting Muller and this came at the worst time for Portugal. Germany added more salt into Portugal’s wound when Thomas Müller again scored in the 46th minute with a superb goal. Thomas Müller of Germany completed his hat-trick in the 78th minute when he scored his third goal and this was his first hat-trick in international football. By this time, the Portugal team looked extremely dejected and almost gave up the match.

In the  Arena da Baixada stedium at Curitiba Nigeria and Iran ended in a 0-0 draw forcing them to share the points. Nigeria controlled the match for most of the time and almost had around 6 chances which they shot on the goal post without success. Iran was not controlling the match as Nigeria did, but they did also had some good moments in the match.

In another match at the Estadio das Dunas stadium in Natal the United States beat Ghana 2-1 and this was indeed an interesting match as both the teams contested well and both of them were almost having similar strengths. Clint Dempsey scored for the United States in the first minute itself and maintained this lead throughout the first half. In the second half Ghana struk back with Andre Ayew scoring the equalizer in the 82nd minute. But the United States were quick to respond and took the lead again in the 86th minute through John Brooks Jr., making the score 2-1.

In three matches of Group F and Group E, Switzerland, France and Argentina registered their first victories in the 2014 world cup defeating Ecuador, Honduras and Bosnia and Herzegovina respectively. Both the three matches was indeed competed very well by the teams playing and it was really matches worth watching. Even though the matches were not high spectacular, it still had some good footballing moments which the fans could cherish. Read the rest of this entry »

In an important match in the 2014 World Cup soccer Columbia beat Greece 3-0 ending their 16 year old goal draught in the world cup championships. In another match Italy defeated England by a margin of 2-1 which have created a remarkable setback for England’s hope of winning the championship this year. It was expected to be a thriller and in the end Italy walks back as the winners in a match that saw a lot of ups and downs.

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In an unexpected turn-over in the 2014 world cup soccer in Brazil, last edition’s runner up Netherlands beat the defending champions Spain 5-1 in a match that really left the Spanish fans in disappointment. This was the first match of both the teams and the fans expected Spain to win the match against Netherlands as the former is arguably the best team in the 2014 world cup soccer.

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The host Brazil have indeed started off their world cup soccer championship 2014 in style as they defeated Croatia 3-1 in a match in front of their home crowd.  The match was held at Arena Corinthians, Sao Paulo and there was a huge crowd as it was the inaugural match as well as their home country was involved in the first match. Both the teams lined up their best possible players and everyone expected a great match based on the ability of the players.

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The amazing backwaters of Kerala are yet another feature which makes Kerala one of the hottest tourist spots in India. The beautiful backwaters of Kerala are mainly found in the districts of Kollam, Alleppey and Ernakulam and of these  backwaters of Alleppey stands out for its majestic beauty and its vast size. A trip on the specially customized houseboats through the backwaters of Kerala helps you to know more about its beauty, size and other factors.
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SugarCRM is considered to be one of the most preferred open-source customer relationship management software for companies of all sizes which are more flexible and cost-effective than other applications. The architecture of SugarCRM allows easy customization and integrates customer facing business processes to build and maintain more beneficial relationships. It mainly comes in four different editions: SugarCRM Community Version (Free), SugarCRM Professional, SugarCRM Enterprise and SugarCRM Ultimate Edition. It works in Open Source LAMPS platform: Apache or IIS, Linux or Windows, PHP, MySQL and SugarCRM. Some of the benefits of using SugarCRM are given below.

1. Easy Set-Up and Administration: Downloadable plug-ins for integration with Microsoft Outlook and Word, pre-built dashboards with ability to customize real- time information, access control gives data security.

2. Customer Relationship Management: Account creation and management for any number of contacts, detailed reports of meetings, calls, notes etc. with file attaching and e-mails for each contact.

3. Sales Force Automation: Dashboard provides a single view of sales performance and statistics. It also includes the summary of appointments, opportunities, open cases and tasks, quick contact entry facility and sales graph. Sales lead creation and tracking improves the opportunities of sales in business.

4. Track Sales Opportunities: Track important information such as status of your sales which includes sales opportunities, revenue potential, and probability of closing, expected close date. Sort the contact details and sales opportunities to get the most relevant information as per your requirement. Also include product information related to the sales opportunity which can help to identify the product demand.

5. Customer Service Tracking: Case management system allows users to track problems and maintain information on each problem to improve customer satisfaction. The case links the related account, contacts, notes, associated files, call and meeting activity history.

6. Advanced Reporting: Informative and pre-formatted reports help to track the status of sales and to improve the business. Customized reports help to identify and track new opportunities.

7. Corporate Calendar: It gives an overview of all corporate activities with task lists and shared calendar to avoid scheduling conflicts.

8. Work Flow and Contract Management: Controls the information movement for effective deals in your business. Automatic email notification for new tasks or leads requiring action or follow up can sent to users if tasks may assigned to users. Contract start date and end date log and a workflow chart help to make notifications prior to contract expiry date. SugarCRM synchronizes with Microsoft Outlook to easily follow up a customer.

9. Create Quotes and Invoices: Create a product list to generate quotes for products and convert the opportunity records into PDF quotes and invoices that can be mailed to the account contact. The product price list helps to have the most current product information for your quotes.

10. Manage Customer Information: Manage customer information and track key information about sales opportunities, accounts and individual business contacts. Associate incoming, outgoing emails and appointment with accounts for easy management and link tasks, notes, phone logs etc. to retrieve quickly.

11. Share Customer Information with Co-Workers: Share customer information with designated co-workers and provide customer and sales information to managers. Help sales leads to see who is working on what in the sales process of each account.

12. Email Campaign Management: Compose HTML emails and send them automatically. Selected records and email campaigns are sent automatically to the account to track each customer’s exposure.

SugarCRM offers a little extra- more than other customer relationships management software – and that uniqueness makes it the most in-demand software. SugarCRM customization and hosting varies for different companies based on their business needs and SugarCRM is very much flexible when it comes to customizing it as per different industry requirement.