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Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

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10 Best Solo Goals in World Cups

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by June 25, 2010 Sports

Soccer World Cup always throws some of the most exciting matches and these exciting matches are sure to produce some of the best goals. Every World Cup championships gifts us some memorable goals by some excellent players. Many media have come with their set of best World Cup Goals and most of them have different opinions in listing the best goals. Some of these goals were the result of solo effort which cannot be described by words.

After searching YouTube for the best World Cup goals, I found one video which is almost a compilation of some of the best solo goals in the history of the World Cup. I am not sure whether all of the viewers agree with this video, but this one is worth watching. Let me list the top 10 best solo goal scorers in the reverse order before viewing the video. (Don’t take this as the final compilation and I know that still many other beautiful solo goals are missing in this video. If anyone finds a much more better video compilation of the best solo goals in the World Cup championships, please let me know.

10) Archie Gemmill (Scotland Vs Netherlands Vs Uruguay) World Cup 78
9) Manuel Negrete (Mexico Vs Bulgaria) World Cup 86
8) Lothar Matthaus (Germany Vs Yugoslavia ) World Cup 90
7) Roberto Baggio (Italy Vs Czechoslovakia) World Cup 90
6) Saeed Al Owairan (Saudi Arabia Vs Belgium) World Cup 94
5) Gheroghe Hagi (Romania Vs Columbia) World Cup 94
4)Diego Maradona (Argentina VS Belgium ) World Cup 86
3) Pele (Brazil Vs Sweden )World Cup 58
2) Michael Owen (England Vs Argentina ) World Cup 98
1) Diego Maradona (Argentina Vs England) World Cup 86


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