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10 Tips to Avoid Hangover Due to Drinking

by February 18, 2010 Health

The Hangover on the next day after having alcoholic drinks with your is something that is very frustrating.  Everyone those who drink heavily might have gone through the hangover session on the next day. The hangover might be so intense that we would be force to vow not to drink again. But once the hangover is gone, we still hope to have one more drink.

Anyhow, there are certain things that can be done in order to avoid or reduce the intensity of the hangover session. Many of us are lazy enough in not doing these things but if done, you can have a much better day after drinking.  I am just stating 10 important tips that I  think would be beneficial in avoiding hangover and tiredness post drinking.

1) Drink 1-2 glass of fresh water before drinking.
Most of the hangover comes as a result of dehydration and it is better to equip your body with some extra water. Alcohol affects your body cells in such a manner that you suffer from dehydration after drinking a lot. To avoid this always have 1-2 glass of fresh water before having our drink.

2) Always have your food atleast 1 hour before drinking.
It is always advisable not to drink with empty stomach. Always take your food atleast 1 hour before your drinking session starts. Drinking with empty stomach would make you vulnerable to the after effects of drinking and may also damage your stomach and intestine resulting in acidity, gastritis, ulcer etc.

3) Avoid using fried chicken, red meat and fish along with your drinks.
Avoid using food items such as fried chicken, red meat, fish etc as fried food objects may increase the body dehydration level. Fried foods are normally high in its fat content and also increases other body issues such as increased blood pressure, cholesterol etc.

4) Eating fruits and salads along with your drink is highly appreciable.
The best suggested food that you have to take along with your drink is fruits and salad items. They have low fat content and does not cause any dehydration issues.

5) Avoid smoking too much during your drinking sessions.
Smoking too much during the drinking sessions will increase the dehydration level. So it is advisable to reduce the number of cigarettes while drinking.

6) Mix Drinks with Enough Water
Always mix your drinks with enough water to avoid hangover. Some people likes to drink it on the rocks!! But that would only increase the chances of sever hangover.

7) Avoid using colas / Sodas
Don’t drink your drinks with Colas and Sodas as they cause dehydration and badly affects your health.

8) Drink Slowly
Don’t have your drinks in a speedy manner, rather drink it slowly which helps your body to adjust to the changes that alcohol brings about to your body. Drinking fast will make you booze earlier and would also cause severe dehydration resulting in hangover and tiredness.

9) Limit Your Drinks
Limiting your drinks is another best way to avoid hangover. Everyone knows about their limitation and should not allow the drinks to go beyond that limits.

10) Enjoy Your Drink
Rather than trying to finish off your drinks, try to enjoy your drinks. It can be done by having drinks with your close friends, having gentle discussions, listening to soft music etc. It will help you to finish the drink in a slow manner and also avoids hangover and tiredness the next day.

Hope these tips would help you in escaping from the hangover due to drinking and to make your drinking session an enjoyable one. Happy Drinking!!!


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  1. Nice tips about drinking! Thanks for sharing such a great and useful article.

  2. I totally agree with the author of this post! Nice suggestion for the overcome of hangover.

  3. BEST tip to avoid a hangover is to swallow a B12 vitamin right before you go to sleep………….I swear you’ll hardly know you were out drinking a lot the night before…………I WISH I would’ve known this sooner and saved myself all the years of suffering! lol :)

  4. I would appreciate more visual materials, to make your blog more attractive, but your writing style really compensates it. But there is always place for improvement

  5. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

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