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I was using Microsoft office 2003 and recently I got a mail in which a file with the extension with .docx was attached. I downloaded the file eagerly to read it, but while opening the file, I found difficulty as some error messages were shown. When I opened it I saw a corrupted file with some unknown characters. The file was of utter importance to me and I was really disappointed at not being able to open the file.

After consulting with some of the friends they told me that .docx is a file format which was accompanied with Microsoft Office 2007 and was not compatible with the previous versions of Microsoft Office. They asked me to open the file and save the file with .doc extension. I did the same, but my efforts went in vain as I was not able to view the original content of the file.

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The beautiful mountains of Kalavaara Halli in Karnataka (India) is another treasure worth watching and attracts a lot of tourists and nature lovers. The mountains of Kalavaara Halli are called as Kalavaarahalli  Betta and is near Chikkaballapura. Kalavaarahalli  Betta is also locally known as Skanda Giri. This place is an ideal place for trekking and other adventure activities and is just 70 kms from Bangalore.

I would like to share some snaps I got from some sources on the net which are really amazing to watch.
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10 Brain Damaging Habits

Recently I got a mail forwarded which consisted some useful information which I though would be good enough to share with you all on my blog. The main information that I consider from this mail is the one regarding some of the major brain damaging habits that we go through in our daily life, but are not quite aware of it.

The information is listed clearly in 10 points and I would like to share with you those 10 points which may cause serious brain damages.
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Education is the major backbone of a civilized society and brings a different and unique culture into the society.  In India there are a large number of Universities / colleges which offers varied and quality higher education, irrespective of caste and religion. So there has never been any difficulty in selecting the desired course and colleges.

But this is not the case with every one, as a large number of efficient and bright students are deprived of the  quality higher education due to financial drawbacks. Many of the students are not able to afford the fees of higher education and they are forced to study some other courses which are of no values and interest.

This situation can be reduced to a good extend by making use of some of the available scholarship programmes in India. Here I would like to list 5 of the major Scholarship programmes in India, which can help the deserving and financially backward students towards fulfilling their dreams.
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A virus attack is one of the biggest nightmare of those who owns a PC. New and enhanced computer viruses surfaces each day which are poised to break into our computers and cause serious damages. One of the best way to prevent this is to install an anti virus software in your system.  This anti virus software must be updated on a regular basis to make it enabled to face and prevent the attack of viruses.
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