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Yahoo Messenger is one of the most used online tool for chatting with each other. This is one of the most user friendly chat software available. You can chat with your friends with much ease and you can also share files and images through this chat software. Yahoo Messenger allows you to talk with each other and you can also see each other during the call by using a web cam. For the last few years Yahoo messenger is considered to be one of the best communication platform on the internet.

You can also set up different updates to show in your Yahoo Messenger and these updates comes from different activities that you are involved in using other yahoo products such as Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Buzz etc. At times this is one of the best way to share links with your friends. But there are times when you do not wish to show  your updates in your Yahoo messenger, especially if you are using Yahoo messenger at your office. Consider you have taken part in any of the sites associated with Yahoo which is absolutely not work related. In this case your reputation would be at risk as all of your colleagues and senior managers would be seeing the update via your official Yahoo Messenger.
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We are all living in a fast paced world and we seldom gets time to take care of our health as we are always busy with some other thing. But health is one of the most important aspect of our life and we need to give higher importance to our health and fitness. If we are not fit enough to do anything, then we would be wasting our life and hence we need to make sure that we are really keeping an eye on our health and fitness.

Here are some useful and easy tips that I would like to share so that we can make sure that our health and fitness are in the right direction.
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