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Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

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5 Important Benefits of Quitting Smoking

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by March 30, 2010 Health

Smoking is one of the most anti social habit, which is so difficult to quit. Most of the regular smokers have miserably failed to stop smoking, because they have never tried to quit it seriously. If one has the needed will power and consideration towards his and his family’s health there is no issue in kicking out this bad habit.

Here I would like to state the top 5 benefits which I think, one could get as a result of giving up cigarette smoking.

1) Good Health
Smoking actually kills our energy and we get the tendency to become more lazy in our day to day life activities. The day we stop smoking, we would see an increase in our overall energy level, which is a positive health sign. The blood pressure, pulse rate, blood flow and body temperature all comes to normal after you stop smoking.

2) Good Breath
Smokers usually have a foul breathing smell and this deprives him from many of his life pleasures. Even your wife or girl friend will start hating you due to this bad breath. But once you stop smoking, this bad breathing smell will improve and hence your confidence level and social life is bound to improve.

3) Social Respect
Even though smoking is an essential part of a social get together, non smokers are given more respect in the social circle. So It is better to quit smoking and gain more social respect for you and your family.

4) Save Money
Smoking is a habit which consumes a lot of money. A smoker usually would not keep an eye on his smoking expense, but usually his daily smoking expense are tangible and hence saying no to smoking can help him save a substantial amount of money.

5) Reduce Pollution
A smoker always pollutes his surroundings, which may cause health problems to those present nearby. If a person stops smoking it can reduce the pollution level at least in his house.


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