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Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

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5 Major Furniture Manufacturing Countries

by June 2, 2010 Home Accessories

Most of the people prefer purchasing the latest and the best furniture available regardless of its price. Ultimately the furniture that buy with their hard earned bucks should be reliable, durable, comfortable and trendy enough. Different types of furniture materials are available and one should  select the best furniture which suits the climatic conditions that prevails at his / her geographical location.

Lot of countries manufacture various types of furniture using different materials. Most of the furniture styles are very much related to the culture of the particular region. There are some countries which top the chart of the top furniture manufacturing countries and here I would like to list the top 5 countries which have made its mark in the furniture manufacturing industry.

1) Malaysia
Malaysian furniture was always in high demand by the foreign buyers due to the stylish designs and accuracy in manufacturing. Malaysia has been catering furniture to foreign countries like Germany, USA France, UK,  Canada etc for a long time and has been successful in maintaining the expectation of these buyers.

2) Indonesia
Many rattan and teak products are manufactured in Indonesia.  They are producing beautiful high end solid wood sets with exquisite design and finish quality.   The sets of outdoor garden furniture that are coming out of this region are beautiful quality at a very affordable price.

3) China
China has been one of the major and established furniture manufacturing countries which has earned fame for its unique furniture architecture and style. China’s furniture manufacturing industry is home to some of the best dining room set, bedroom sets, garden furniture etc. Certain factories in China China that cut and sew upholstery pieces and then ship them to the US for assembling them. When the product is fully assembled, then it is branded as made in the USA.

4) Pakistan
There was a time in Pakistan when the furniture were designed manually and could not dream of having costly machines to cut and shape the wood for furniture manufacturing. Even at that time Pakistan has produced some of the best manually made furnitures which was widely talked whole over the world with ever growing demand. Now with the modern machineries and enormous craft skills Pakistan is still there on the top furniture manufacturing countries in the world.

5) Philippines
Philippines is another trend setter in the furniture industry with a wide array of wood furniture sets, rattan, stone,  metal and outdoor furniture sets etc  Philippines furniture manufacturing industry is well known for its sophisticated and beautiful furniture design using a variety of materials which are long lasting.


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