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5 Major Reasons to Choose Australia for Your Nursing Career

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by October 28, 2011 Jobs and Career

As we all know, Australia is one of the best place to live and lead a professional life. There are a large number of openings for health care sector professionals, especially for the qualified nurses. Since there are a large number of hospitals and clinics which offers employment opportunities for nursing professionals, Australia have always remained a favourite career destination for nurses. If you are from a country other than Australia, then you need to clear some of the common eligibility tests and undergo some basic nursing adaptation courses.

I have a lot of friends who are working in the health care sector in Australia and I was able to clearly understand why they came to choose Australia as their career destination. They have pointed out a lot of points and factors that are responsible for selecting Australia as their career spot. I have selected up the top 5 points which I consider as of high importance.

1. High Recognition the Profession has in Australia
Unlike other countries, nursing in Australia is a profession that is very much recognized which helps in giving a higher sense of confidence for the professionals working in the same field. Since this career option is considered as a recognized profession, the professionals would be able to be eligible for all the major benefits and rewards that exists in the respective field.

2. Huge Career opportunities and carrier growth
Australian hospitals and clinics provide an entirely different atmosphere when compared with the same in other countries. This makes the work more challenging and once these professionals start working under such situations, they easily carve out a successful nursing career. Since there are a substantial number of hospitals and clinics, the career opportunities are also directly proportional.

3. Flexible and Comfortable Work Environment
Most of the nurses have to work under shift duty system and this is one of the best features of this job. The shift duty system helps them to make their job more flexible, as they would be able to adjust their duty time to meet their personal needs and this would help them to ease down a lot of tensions that come across in their jobs. The flexible nature of the job make is possible for the nurses to grab enough time to take care of their personal life.

4. High Remuneration
Remuneration is the ultimate thing that influences the career and career objective of any professionals and in Australia, the nurses are given a high pay scale when compared with other countries. This good remuneration is a decisive factor which is responsible for attracting a large number of nurses to Australia and even the native Australians have started taking nursing as a career in Australia.

5. Modern Facilities and Amenities
Australia is one of the most technologically advanced nation and this is clearly reflected in the health care industry too. Majority of the hospitals and clinics in Australia are well equipped with modern machines, equipment and tools. This would help the nurses to come in touch and learn about the latest medical machines and equipment. Hence, the nurses working in Australia would not need to shy away from the latest medical equipment and tools that they come across and they would also learn to do things in the smarter way.

In the above content, I have omitted many points which I would convey in another article. The conclusion is that if you are serious about a great career in nursing, then Australia is the place that I would highly prefer for you. The most basic thing to start your career in Australia is to have a valid diploma of nursing certificate. Once you attain the diploma qualification, then you have to gain enough experience before thinking about a good career in Australia. One you get enough experience, then you need to make sure that you score 7 or above in IELTs test. Before starting your nursing career in Australia you can also take some of the popular certificate courses such as certificate iii in community services, certificate 4 in disability, certificate iii in aged care, certificate 3 in health services assistance etc. which would be beneficial in getting a more specialized nursing job.


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