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Apple to Address Issues Regarding iPhone 4 on Friday

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by July 15, 2010 Technology

Apple Inc would be holding a news conference on Friday to address the issues regarding iPhone 4 which have attracted a lot of criticism recently. The major criticism factor is  over the reception problem due to the antenna design. Company says that it is due to some software problem and states that there is nothing wrong with the design of the Antenna. The conference is to be held at Apple’s Head quarters.

Apple has recently come under immense pressure and scrutiny due to the problems with the iPhone 4. iPhone owners hope that Apple will either fix these issues or offer some compensation. The iPhone 4 was launched with much hype on June 2010 and offered a unique design with the antenna being put in a stainless steel band around the phone’s frame.

Since the launch of the iPhone 4, the sales had gone up, but user complaints heaped largely due to various reason related to its performance. One of the major complaint was about the dropped calls when a part of the antenna is kept covered. Users have recommended not to go for iPhone 4 after facing these hardware defects and issues.

After the complaints got coming Apple urged the users not to hold the phone in such a manner that causes the hand to touch the lower left hand corner, or either purchase a $30 rubber bumper from Apple. Any way Apple users all over the world would be waiting to hear from Apple regarding a solid solution for the iPhone 4 issues.


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