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Apple’s iPhone 5 Goes on Sale Around the World

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by September 21, 2012 Technology

Finally Apple has started selling iPhone 5 around the world. The new Apple iPhone5 is lighter, thinner and faster than its predecessors, but the launch of iPhone 5 was overshadowed by the repeated complaints over its maps. People were seen lined up in the major Apple Stores and at some places there were huge crowd lined up to catch the new Apple iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 arrived in countries such as the U.S Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, France, Germany, Canada, and the U.K

iPhone 5 uses chips from Qualcomm , Avago and Skyworks Solutions and has a larger, 4-inch screen and is slimmer and far lighter than its previous models. The iPhone 5 supports faster 4G networks which is mainly due to a chip supplied by Qualcomm. Apple iPhone5 also comes with a number of software updates, such as Apple’s new in-house maps feature. iPhone 5 includes a new A6 processor which runs twice as fast as the previous generation.

Apple claims to have booked more than 2 million orders for the iPhone 5 in the first 24 hours, which is double the first-day sales of the previous iPhone 4S. Apple fans are excited about the launch of its new version iPhone 5, but few have complained about its in-house maps feature which has shown geographical errors, missing information and lack of other features. The new Apple maps is a cloud based solution and Apple believes that more the people uses it, the more better it will get.

Apple is planning to sell the new version of iPhone to over 100 countries by the end of the year and is all set to capture the smartphone industry in the coming months.
Apple expects to sell 10 million iPhone 5 models in the remaining days of September. iPhone 5 is created on a framework with new features and design and has also given prior importance in sorting out the drawbacks of its previous version. As per the officials, Apple’s iPhone5 is the best iPhone that has been released till date.

iPhone 5 does not look entirely different from its predecessor iPhone 4, but looks like a mix of iPhone, iPad and MacBook. Apple iPhone 5 comes with the latest wireless technologies and has a faster Wi-Fi which helps you to browse, download and stream content over the net at amazing speed. The 4 inch retina display of iPhone 5 gives you a beautiful canvas and also makes you feel everything in real.

The new A6 chip in iPhone 5 provides a performance and graphics upto two times fast, and you can see the pages and emails loading instantly. Another remarkable feature of iPhone 5 is its battery power and is said to last throughout the day despite browsing, talking and playing games. The new iPhone lets you to share files and folder through iCloud which makes your file sharing faster and secure.

The above mentioned are just few of the remarkable features of iPhone 5 and you can know more about it by purchasing one and experiencing it on your own. If you have not booked your iPhone 5, then it is high time that you book one for a better smartphone experience.


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