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Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

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Argentina vs Iceland – World Cup 2018 Highlights

Argentina vs Iceland – World Cup 2018 Highlights

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by June 16, 2018 Soccer

Argentina yet again disappointed their fans by conceding a 1-1 draw with a team like Iceland. Argentina was looking like a shadow of their past performances and adding to that there was a strong defense setup by the Iceland team, who was playing their first world cup match.

Argentina was seen struggling to break apart the Iceland defense throughout the match and Iceland played cautiously without giving too much errors for the Argentinians to capitalize. Sergio Aguero scored the first goal for Argentina in the 19th minute and it was celebration time for Argentina and its fans who were packed full in the stadium.

Sergio Aguero Goal Iceland 2018 World Vup


But the celebrations didn’t last too long in the Argentinian camp as the Iceland equalized the score in the 23rd minute.  It was the Iceland’s Alfred Finnbogason who capitalized on the flaws in the Argentinian defense and he made no error in scoring that historic goal for Iceland in World Cup 2018.

It was celebration time for the Iceland team and the Argentinian fans once again felt dejected but they were sure that Argentina will strike back. Argentina had a great team and the fan expected them to come back and win the match comfortably.

Alfred Finnbogason Goal Argentina Iceland 2018 World Cup

Messi and company tried their best to score another goal, but the Iceland defense were too strong for them to break through. Argentina were also missing some spark in their performances and Lionnel Messi was consistently marked and brought down by the Iceland defenders.


Messi Missing Penalty Vs Iceland World Cup 2018

Adding all to the woes was the missed penalty in the 62nd minute by Messi and this was really a great chance to miss. Argentina got the penalty in their favored and every one expected Argentina to take the lead. But to all’s surprise, Messi missed the shot and this left the Argentinian fans again disappointed.

In the end the referee blew the final whistle and it was Argentina -1 and  Iceland-1. It was a great achievement for Iceland and a big blow for Argentina it its 2018 World cup campaign.

Match Highlights – Argentina Vs Iceland – 2018 World Cup, Russia

Enjoy the match highlights of the 2018 World Cup match between Argentina and Iceland.


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