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Canadian French – Advantage and Ways to Learn

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by November 25, 2010 Education

Canadian French is the sub divisions of French that got evolved in Canada. Around 7 millions Canadians uses French as their mother tongue, which reflects the importance of Canadian French. It is almost similar to the traditional French language but with slight variations and depends upon various factors and one of the major factor is the geographical variation. Canadian French has different versions in different areas of Canada. Even though, English in the primary language, the strength of Canadian French speaking community cannot be ignored.

Canadian French is mainly classified into Quebec French, Acadian French, Métis French, Newfoundland French and Brayon French. Out of these Quebec French is the most popular one as majority of the Canadian French speaking people live in Quebec region. There are differences between the French Spoken in Canada and French Spoken in France, as the vocabulary and pronunciation differs. Even though there are many language institutions,  books and tools to learn Canadian French online, people are at ambiguity on which way to select.  The French speaking population numbers of Canada is growing at a relatively faster pace and hence the need to  learn Canadian French (for foreigners whose activities are based in Canada).

The Universities and Schools in Canada offers education for both Canadian and French language. There are many professional advantages as the Canadians who are proficient in French are much needed for  upper level management positions in various companies and organizations.

If you are a foreigner who frequently visits Canada for business, professional or personal matter, then you will have to face the Canadian French speaking community at any point of time. And if you are not having any knowledge in Canadian French language, they you would find yourself in trouble. For any matter, if you are supposed to have frequent visits to Canada, then you should know how to handle French language of Canada. If you don’t know, then you should try to learn the language by any means.

There are many ways to lean Canadian French and you need to decide which one works better for you. One way is to take the help of any language learning books which is available, but you need to learn it on your own. You can also attend any institutions that offer courses for learning this language. By taking this step you would always be getting helps from someone for solving your doubts and confusion related to the language.

You can also watch movies of this language which has English translation shown at the bottom and this helps you to some extent. But you need to do it regularly and this method works for those who have some basic knowledge of Canadian French. But for those who do not have any basic knowledge of this language, this method will not work.

And the best method to learn Canadian French is to avail the help of online tools or software that is available on the internet. There are free and paid softwares, but if you are serious about learning the language, then  better  go for the paid ones. The paid softwares have some of the best feature and options which helps you to easily learn Canadian French online. There would be online and offline help sections, discussion forums etc through which you could solve your doubts regarding the language.


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