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Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019

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Darjeeling – The Best Winter Travel Destination in India

Darjeeling – The Best Winter Travel Destination in India

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by January 3, 2017 travel

If you are looking for some amazing winter travel opportunities in India, then the first place that you should try to look out for is Darjeeling. It is an hilly travel destination in East Indian state of West Bengal and is considered as a perfect winter destination. It is one of the best honeymoon travel destination in India and people from different parts of the world visit this place to enjoy its beauty and its chilly climatic conditions.

No other hill stations in India can beat the charm and unique beauty of the hills in Darjeeling and for all its natural beauty and atmosphere, it is regarded as the best winter travel destination in India.

The Darjeeling hill station is one of the best place to spend your vacation with your friends or family and stay away from the buzzing city life. The winter season makes this place more busy and this hill station becomes more crowded with travelers from across the world. The amazing view of the hills and snow covered Himalayan ranges is a unique experience that you cannot experience in other hill stations of India.


You vacation travel trip to Darjeeling should be planned in advance as you will find it hard to find perfect accommodations during the peak tourism season. So book and plan your tour to Darjeeling in a better way to make your trip a memorable one.

There are a lot of travel attractions and places to visit in and around Darjeeling and you will need to spend some time in Darjeeling to enjoy all these attractions. Most of the vacation spots in Darjeeling have high historical importance and there are a lot of things that you can learn during your visit to these places. If you are in a hurry during your Darjeeling vacation trip, then you will not be able to explore and enjoy these attractions.


Some of the major travel attraction in and around Darjeeling are the Chowrasta, Ghoom, Observatory Hill, Himalayan Zoological Park, Tea Plantations, Tiger Hill, Toy Train, Kali Temple, Lloyd Botanical, Tibetan Refugee Self Help Centre, Senchal Lake, Peace Pagoda etc. All these have its own special importance in the tourism map of Darjeeling and are unique in their own ways.

Being a part of the eastern Himalayan geographical zone, Darjeeling is blessed with an amazing wealth of flora and fauna with dense evergreen forests and wide variety of rare orchids. You can see a wide variety of plant species at at the Lloyd’s Botanical Garden and you must not miss to visit this place when you are in Darjeeling. The Senchal Wildlife sanctuary around the Senchal Lake is also home to some of the rare wildlife species for you to view. Some of the animal species include ¬†civets, ¬†ducks, mongooses and badgers, , plovers, teals, gulls, red pandas etc.

Also do not miss an opportunity to take a ride on the toy train in Darjeeling, as it provides you with an amazing travel experience along the hills of Darjeeling. It helps you to enjoy and explore the beauty of the Darjeeling hill station in a better way.

So if you would like to explore the travel attractions and beautiful landscapes of Darjeeling, then it is highly recommended for you to book your trip with some of the best travel operators in India. Make sure that your tour itinerary covers all the major travel destinations of Darjeeling to make your trip a memorable one.


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