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Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

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France’s Eric Abidal to Miss Euro 2012

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by March 15, 2012 Soccer

France defender Erid Abidal would be missing the Euro Cup Soccer Championship 2012 due to liver transplant and  Barcelona has confirmed the same. This would be a big blow for France who is looking for yet another shot at the title and Abidal had a major role in their plans. He would be having liver transplants in the coming weeks and would surely be missing the Euro Cup 2012, which will be a huge loss to France and football fans all over the world.

Eric Abidal

Abidal had undergone treatment for liver tumour in 2011 and had remarkably fought and came back to play for his club in the Champion’s league last year. For the 32 year old, age is not in his side and it is not sure whether he would be able to return to international football ever again after the liver transplant. The liver transplant was there in plan since the start of his treatment almost an year ago.

Eric Abidal plays for FC Barcelona and France National team and his role is usually of as a left or central defender. With almost 60 international caps to his credit he is certainly one of the experienced players in the France’s line up and his absence would really be going to affect France’s performance in the coming Euro Cup football championship that is going to be held in Poland and Ukraine.

Abidal made his international debut for France on August 2004 at the age of 23 and was part of the FIFA world cup campaigns for France in 2006 and 2010. He also played in the 2008 Euro Cup champoinship and in the match against Italy, he conceded a penalty and France lost the match 2-0 resulting in their elimination from Euro Cup 2008 championship.

Eric Abidal has also played for club teams such as Monaco, Lille and Lyon prior to joining Barcelona and have made a strong presence with all these teams. His co-player and friends have rallied behind him with support after hearing the news of his health problem and they all believe that he can strongly come back into the team after the liver transplantation. But since this is  a serious surgery, one cannot predict the outcome and we need to wait and see how it goes and how fast he recovers from the liver transplant surgery.


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