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How to Share Unpublished Content Draft on WordPress

by July 17, 2013 Technology

WordPress is one of the best and free blogging software that helps you to create your own blog for free and within few seconds. This is an open source platform where you can customize the blogging platform based on your needs. 90 per cent of the people who blogs, prefer WordPress over other platforms and this clearly speaks about the reputation of this amazing blogging platform. I have been using this amazing blogging software for the past couple of years and am really interested in using this for a number of my blogs. If you have not tried WordPress for your blogging activities yet, then it is high time you give it a try and get a feel of its’ capabilities.

WordPress helps you to post, schedule and save content drafts which are really helpful for bloggers in many aspects. WordPress also allows you to make you post public, private and password protected making it easier to manage and schedule your post for another day. But one of the most important think that I think that was missing from the basic WordPress platform is the ability to share unpublished URLS or draft with other users. Most of the times, I had to get prior approval from clients before a blog post was published and I really had to face tough situations when it came to showing them the draft of the blog post.

I tried my best to share the drafts using the existing features of a basic WordPress platform, but in the end I realised that using the basic WordPress features, you can never share your draft with a third party. But after doing a slight research on the web, I came to know that we can easily share WordPress drafts with users. This proved really of huge help to me as I was able to show the clients the draft of the blog post before posting and thereby publishing content with more accuracy.

For those who are searching for a way to share content draft on WordPress, I will like to share those easy steps which help you to share your unpublished content or drafted content on WordPress with your clients or friends.

1) Log into your WordPress blog’s dashboard area by providing your login credentials.

2) Go to and in the search box provided, type “Share a Draft” and click “Serach Plugins” button.

3) This will take you to a list of plugins that helps you to share a draft on WordPress. From these click on the link named “Share a Draft” that directs you to

4) Download this plugin and upload it on to your WordPress platform’s plugin area.

5) Once uploaded, activate the plugin from the backend of your WordPress account.

6) Once the plugin is activated, click on the “Posts” menu present in the backend of your WordPress account and you can see a sub-link named “Share a Draft” on which you need to click.

7) After clicking on the “Share a Draft” link, you will be taken to a page where you can select draft content which are listed over there. You can share it for any particular seconds, minutes, hours or days and you will also be provided with a unique URL which shows you the shared draft content on your WordPress account.

There might be other plugins which help you to save your drafts on WordPress, but this particular plugin had a much positive review on the internet and that is the major reason why I decided to go after it. I was really amazing at the way it worked and really helped me in sharing vital blog content drafts with my clients before making it live. Hope this plugin also works for you.


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  1. Great post on WordPress! It really is a great platform for blogging! Thanks for sharing!

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