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How to View Search History in Google

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by October 19, 2015 Internet

Google is one of the most powerful online search tool which has been there for almost two decades. Google is the giant in the search industry and its competitors are way behind it, making it one of the final word for all search related activities. We all do a lot of searches in Google and most of the time we do searches in personalized Google search.

Personalized Google Search happens when we are logged into our Google Account either through Gmail or other Google Applications. In this case, most of the searches would be in a personalized mode and you can really see the difference when you conduct searches while logged into your Google account and logged out of your Google account for the same set of keywords. Google saves most of our search history in its database and this is visible to us if we need to have a look at our past search queries.

In both the cases you will see some slight differences in the search results. One of the major advantage of using personalized search option is that most of the search results will be related to your search behavior and you can also view your search history later in your life. Viewing the search results is one of the major advantage which can really help you in tracking your previous search history for any purposes.

It is just easy to view your search history in Google and there are no complicated steps that are involved in the process. Most of the time, there might be some occasions where you badly need to see your searches that was done in the past. Just follow the below given easy steps to view your search history in Personalized search more.

1) Go to

2) Log-in using your Google Account credentials.

3) Now you can see a list of searches conducted on each day.

4) Click on each search links to drill down further.

5) Now you are done with your job.

The above mentioned steps will help you in going back to your old search history and use it for analyzing your search history in a better way. You can see all the search history that you have conducted through your Google account either through desktop, mobile, tab or other devices. The Google Search history also offers other features such as deleting your search history for a particular day or date range and also provides the option to download your search results.

If you are not aware about this amazing feature by Google, then you can try this out and explore it in a better way.


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