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Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

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iPhone 5 Release Date Still Not Yet Confirmed

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by August 3, 2011 Technology

iPhone 5 was supposed to be released on September in the US and we had got strong speculations regarding the same. But the latest improvements and updates clearly states that the iphone 5 version would not be released on September, rather it would be released on October only. As per the rumors, some technical setbacks have been the major reason which have delayed the release of Apple’s next generation smartphone.

Apple is also expected to release its new iCloud suite and new iOS 5 operating system in October and they may be planning to release all the three product at one time. As per the sources the new iPhone 5 will be featuring a faster A5 processor similar to that powering the iPad 2 tablet. The new iPhone 5 is also supposed to feature a high resolution 8-megapixel back camera and runs both on GSM/CDMA networks.

Despite its officially unconfirmed technical specification, the new smartphone iPhone 5 is already one of the most highly anticipated gadgets in the US. According to a recentĀ  survey, One-in-five Americans is planning to purchase an iPhone 5 within a month of the release, and more than a third of America’s population say they will buy one iPhone 5 within the first year.


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