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Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

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Kerala Villages – An Amazing View

by March 26, 2010 travel

Kerala is one of the most beautiful place in the southern part of India and is generally called as God’s Own Country. This southern state of India is famous for its greenish and scenic beauty, which attracts a lot of tourists every year. Kerala has many specialties and places to see such as hill stations, beaches, backwaters, villages, pilgrimage centers, rivers etc which makes it one of the most visited tourist destination in India.

Here I would like to show 5 beautiful snap shots of some of the beautiful villages in Kerala. I am sure that these 5 photos would give you an indepth idea about the majestic beauty of Kerala villages. Hope you enjoy it.

1) A typical Kerala Coconut Farm

coconut farm in kerala

2) Bamboo Trees in Kerala

kerala bamboo trees

3) A Village Road in Kerala

kerala village road

4) A Greenish Semi Hill of Kerala

A Greenish Kerala Hill

5) A Mountain Side Paddy Field in Kerala

A Mountain Side Paddy Field

6) A Paddy Field in Full Glow

kerala paddy field in full glow

7) Tapioca Cultivation in Kerala

tapioca cultivation in  kerala

8) A Beautiful River Flowing Through the Heart of a Village in Kerala

a village river in kerala

9) A Typical Country Side Path in Kerala

country side path in kerala village

10) Rubber Plantation in Kerala

rubber plantation in kerala


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  1. It’s really amazing.Tapioca Cultivation and Rubber Plantation photos are keralas own photos.

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