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Friday, June 22nd, 2018

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Passive Smokers at Risk of Gene Alteration

by October 19, 2010 Health

A recent Study has stated that passive smokes are at risk of getting their genes altered and in the process more prone to lung diseases and other health complications. Scientists from Weill Cornell Medical College in New York found out that genes that carry the cells of airways  are affected by the smoke that is taken by the passive smokers and this increases the chances of lung cancer.

The study was done by taking samples of smokers and non smokers and extracted their cells of airways with the help of bronchoscope.
They also took urine samples from  the volunteers and divided them into three groups. The first group were regular smokers, whose cells showed most of the snuff  metabolites. The second groups was the non smokers, who did not have any snuff  metabolites, and the third  group which showed intermediate levels.

It has been proved much before that those who are subjected to passive smoking  are at risk of having almost the same diseases as the active smoker. This is the reason behind  the smoking ban in public places in almost all the major countries. Parents who smoke at home makes their children at risk as the children develop many diseases such as asthma, ear infections, cardiovascular problems etc.

So it is better for the smokers to avoid their dear ones being affected by passive smoking. Either they should quit smoking or they should smoke somewhere outside their house.  Even though it seems to be very hard to quit smoking, it is not impossible. You just need a good will power and a sense of responsibility if you need to kick out this bad habit.


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