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Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

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Paul the Octopus’ Latest Prediction Leave Netherlands Shocked

by July 9, 2010 Sports

The latest prediction by Paul the Octopus has left the Netherlands fans shocked as the octopus has tipped Spain to win the 2010 world cup. This world cup has made Paul a real superstar and he is yet again in the news as he has predicted the winner of the Grand Finale. Spain would be pretty happy know about the prediction, but they should not get carried away as this is just a prediction and may be wrong anytime.

The German fans are really angry at this Octopus and have already demanded the killing of this octopus. An as a result the octopus which resides in the Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen, have been given tight protection. Paul has been predicting Germany’s matches for over 2 years and its prediction got wrong rarely. One such incident was the Euro 2008 Final, where it predicted Germany to win over Spain, but the latter had the final smile.

The Oracle Octopus has also made prediction for the losers final and have picked Germany as the winner against Uruguay. This would at last come as a relief for the German fan. Mean while you can watch the video of the Octopus predicting the winner of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.


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  1. FGS! paul is just octopus maybe good for sushi. what prediction? psychic? bah!!

  2. Anybody checked whether the shellfish in the Netherlander’s box has any meat in it?

    Remember this is the final match and bookies stand to make or loss tons of money from this match.
    What better way to ensure majority of punters would bet Spain to win by rigging the physic Octopus to pick Spain??

  3. Paul got the final on Euro wrong (probably rigged by bookies) and he will be wrong once more for FIFA 2010 (also rigged by bookies).
    It’s all about money, and poor old Paul is just another means for bookies to make plenty of that!

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