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Tuesday, October 16th, 2018

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Rain Threatens India Vs Australia ODI at Kochi

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by October 15, 2010 Sports

Everything seemed to be fine just before a week for the India Vs Australia ODI at Kochi JawaharLal Nehru stadium, but the heavy rains since last 2 days have drawn a shadow of doubt before the 1st ODI cricket match between Australia and India. The match is scheduled to be on 17 October (Sunday) and the organizers fear that the rain will play havoc at the venue.

Both the teams have arrived in Kochi and stays at the Taj Malabar Hotels in Wellington Island, Kochi. All the arrangement seems to be in place at the venue of the match and the security near the stadium have beefed up and it was evident when I passed nearby the stadium today. Few of the security persons were found questioning some trespassers which gave me  a feel of tight security.

Today’s heavy rains have forced the Australian team to  cancel their practice session and the authorities are trying their best to get the field dry by Sunday. This is the 7th ODI that is being hosted in Kochi and the pitch is expected to favor batsmen. This is also the 3rd match between the two teams at this venue.

80% of the tickets have been sold out and this time the organizers seems to fill the stadium with blue colors as they are offering a blue Nike  T shirt with purchase of every ticket. This seems to be a good idea and even the T shirt is of high quality. Unfortunately I have decided to watch the match from home, as I am not willing to watch it from the stadium.

Cricket lovers in Kerala are waiting eagerly for the match and hopes that it doesn’t rain for the next 2 days. They would not spare the opportunity to get a glimpse of their favorite cricket stars in action.


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