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Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

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Switzerland Holds Brazil to a Draw in World Cup 2018

Switzerland Holds Brazil to a Draw in World Cup 2018

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by June 17, 2018 Soccer

In another upset in the 2018 World Cup, Switzerland held Brazil to a 1-1 draw in one of the group round matches of World Cup 2018 in Russia. Brazil planned to start it campaign for 2018 world cup with much expectations, and it seemed that they were going as per their plans when Philippe Coutinho scored the goal in the 20th minute to give Brazil a 1-0 lead.

Swtizerland did not panic and started playing as usual and they too had a pretty decent defense line. Swtizerland also tried searching for some goal opportunities and the Brazilian fans were shocked when Steven Zuber scored a goal in the 50th minute through a header to equalize the score 1-1.

Coutinho Scores for Brazil - 2018 World Cup

Brazil were the more dominant team and had the most possession of the ball throughout the game. The Brazil team also dominated the match in terms of chances created but the Brazlians were clearly undermined by a lack of ruthlessness. Brazil had more than 20 finishes but majority of them were off target. If Brazil were a bit more focused, the outcome of the match would have been different.

Zuber Equalizes for Switzerland - 2018 World Cup

Neymar looked ordinary and were often fouled repeatedly and the Swiss defense was amazing that night. The game of Switzerland was not attractive, but it looked boring and this is they way they play and damage the game flow of the opponents.


Brazil has a long way to go before it can create its magic in this World Cup and they deeply need to think and workout their strategies for the upcoming matches in the group stage.

Match Highlights – Brazil Vs Switzerland

Watch the video below to watch the highlights of the group match between Brazil and Switzerland in World Cup 2018


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