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Friday, June 22nd, 2018

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Tapioca Cultivation in Kerala [IMAGES]

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by August 11, 2011 travel

Tapioca is one of the most used and traditional food item of Kerala in South India. Kerala has been popular for its tapioca cultivation since decades ago. Whenever we hear of Kerala, the picture of the tapioca cultivation in the fields comes to our mind. The images of the tapioca plantations have become a trademark for Kerala.

Tapioca is used to make many of the favorite dishes in Kerala and almost  all the houses in Kerala have their own share of tapioca cultivations in the back yard. There are difference species of tapioca in Kerala and they differ in their taste and other characteristics.  In the early times tapioca was used three times a day as food and it was considered as the main food items of the Keralites. These days the number of tapioca cultivation and plantation areas has decreased due to the increased population rate.

Here I would like to share few images of the tapioca cultivation in India which I have captured from the net as well as from my own cam. Hope you enjoy it.

Kerala Tapioca Cultivation

Kerala Tapioca

Kerala Tapioca Cultivation

Kerala Tapioca Plantation

tapioca plantation in Kerala


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