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Friday, June 22nd, 2018

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The Best Day to Stop Smoking

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by May 31, 2011 Health

Today, 31st of May 2011 is observed as the World No Tobacco Day and is meant to spread the awareness of the dreadful harms that smoking of tobacco can bring to ones health. The World Tobacco Day was  created by the World Health Organization (WHO) in  1987 even since it has been observed regularly every year.

A lot of events and programs would be organized in different parts of the world to make the most out of the World No Tobacco Day. Awareness programs are conducted every where and people of all age and sex can participate in the same to quit this dreadful habit of smoking.

For all those serious smokers, I hope that this is the best day to stop this bad habit and lead an healthy life. There are various treatment available which helps you to stop smoking, but if you have a strong and determined mind then you would not need any treatment to quit smoking. Just make a firm determination  that you would not smoke again and also think about others who solely depends on you. Think about your parents, wife, children etc. What will they do if something happens to you as a result of smoking?

If you quit smoking today, the coming generation would also be less likely drawn into this harmful habit. Remember that while smoking, you are not only killing yourself, but also other innocent people in the surrounding. Why would you want to invite health issues related to smoking when you know about the side effects of smoking. So take a firm determination today and get rid of this habit to ensure a healthy generation ahead!!!


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