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Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

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The Real Winner of 2010 World Cup -‘Paul Psychic Octopus’

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by July 13, 2010 Sports

The World Cup 2010 is over and everyone is happy with the new World Champions – Spain. They won the cup by beating Netherlands 1-0 in a tense and rude game. Spain played some exciting football throughout the tournament and in the course beat some of the best teams in the world. Their game was something really beautiful to watch and was noted for their small and accurate passes. The world cup gave us some exciting and promising soccer stars which shed light to the tournament. In the end team Spain emerged winner by winning their final match  against the Dutch.

But the real world cup winner was none other than  ‘Paul the Octopus’, who enjoyed a 100% success in predicting World Cup matches. Paul was used to predict the matches of Germany and it came out with flying colors when it accurately predicted all of Germany’s world cup match results. It also succeeded in predicting the World Cup final result and was the centre of attention from the second round matches itself.

I have mentioned about this psychic octopus in my earlier post and even I never thought that it would be able to predict the match results so accurately. His success has earned him a lot of fans and enemies and the poor octopus is also facing death threats from the angry German fans. As a result he is getting high security from the museum authorities and is surely enjoying this rare privilege. The Oracle Octopus Paul predicted the world cup matches with 100% accuracy and one of the rare occasion when  he failed with his prediction was the Euro cup final in 2008, between Germany and Spain. In that match Paul favored the Germans, but ultimately Spain shocked everyone to win the Euro cup title.

The world cup has lifted Paul to unimaginable fame and is the most famous sea creature ever. The 2 year old Octopus was born in England and was later shifted to Oberhausen Sea Life Center in Germany. And as per the latest news, Paul the psychic octopus  is officially retiring from his predicting job and is supposed to be engaged in training young octopuses and pass on his skills. Anyway his retirement would be felt badly and we would be missing the real super star of World cup 2010.


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