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Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019

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Two New Gmail Features That Are Really Helpful

by August 9, 2010 Internet

In the last few weeks Gmail has come up with two new features which seems to be really helpful for all Gmail users worldwide. Gmail is one of the largest web mail service provider and is the most used free email services, with a lot of amazing features. Though it may not be having a lightning design layout or style, it has many useful features which helps it to attract a lot of new users daily. To add to the list of its features, Google has come with two interesting features and promises more during the coming months.

The Email Attachment Reminder
Google’s Email Attachment Reminder helps you to attach files in your email, without forgetting to attach them while sending. In short, if you are sending a mail with an attachment, you would probably be writing about the attachment in the mail content. After finishing the content and when you click “send” button without attaching any file, then Gmail sends a dialog box asking about the attachment. In this way you would be able to remember about the attachment to be sent and would not miss mail attachments that are of utter importance to you.

Attachment Dragging Option
Before you needed to click and download the attached file to some location on you system. But the new option to drag and save the attachment on your system, has made it more easier for you to download files from Gmail. It is just simple to do as you just need to hover over the link named “Download” or the file icon in your email containing the attachment. While hovering you can see a tool tip saying “Click to view OR drag to your desktop to save.” You just need to drag the cursor to any suitable location in your system and release the mouse button. This feature is now available to Chrome users, but we can hope that this would be available to other browsers also.


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  1. Gmail is improving day by day, so people are preferring. Those who are afraid of updates are getting dead.

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