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Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

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Will Paul the Octopus’ Prediction Come True?

by July 7, 2010 Sports

Paul the Octopus or the Oracle Octopus is making the headlines since the soccer World Cup has started and everyone is waiting to hear more from this amazing octopus. Paul the Octopus is a 2 year old octopus and has the reputation for accurately predicting the results of the major international soccer matches of the German national team. Born in England, this Oracle Octopus is now residing at the Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany.

Before every major match or tournament the octopus is used to predict the fate of the German team and can proudly claim its prediction to be correct on most of the occasion. In this world cup also it has predicted all the matches of Germany accurately and the German team were greatly happy with this Octopus. But the German team is really shocked at the most recent prediction of this octopus. The latest prediction states that Germany will lose against Spain in the Semi Finals.

Before any match or tournament this octopus is placed in a tank containing two food containers which have the flag of Germany and the opposite country respectively. The flag corresponding to the container from which Paul selects his food is marked as the winner. So far in this World Cup, the Octopus boast of an 100% prediction accuracy.

This prediction has send a huge uproar among the German team and its fan as Germany is all set to register one more World Cup victory with almost all the players in top form. But German team would not be disturbed by this prediction, as they would do their level best to put up an entertaining match. They can also take relief from the fact that this oracle octopus has wrongly predicted on some rare occasions.


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