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Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

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Will This be Ronaldo’s Euro Cup Tournament in 2012?

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by March 13, 2012 Soccer

Christiano RonaldoChristiano Ronaldo, the soccer star has been having a great time in the Spanish league and has scored goals at will. Now it is time for yet another major football tournament, and that is the Euro Cup Football Championship 2012 which is to be held in June – July and is hosted by Ukraine and Poland. Euro Cup is something that has been eluding the Portuguese national team since the tournament started and they hope to turn things down in the 14th edition of the championship. To win the Euro Cup in 2012, Portuguese team must put up some extraordinary efforts and for this they look up to none other than Christiano Ronaldo.

Euro Cup Title has been a long cherished dream for Team Portugal and many times they have come closer to winning the title, but flattering in the end. Portugal missed a great chance when they had the likes of Luis Figo, Fernando Couto, Ricardo, Petit and Pauleta in their line up during the 2004 Euro Cup Championship. They got into the final where they failed to deliver in the Match against Greece and lost the game 1-0. That was one of the best chance for Portugal as they had all their golden player in their prime and Christiano Ronaldo was just budding into the international arena as a 19 year old. But things went out of their control in the final and they ended up being the runner up and Greece emerged the champions of Euro Cup 2004.

Things have changed so much since then as the golden era team members of Portugal have quit international arena and we can no more see Luis Figo and company. But Christiano Ronaldo has grown so far in stature and fame through his amazing skills and talent. He has become the super star of World soccer and has been one of the mainstays of his Spanish team Real Madrid. He can single handedly turn any match into his own and defenders all over the world are planning vigorously to tackle his advance.

If things go as per the expectations of soccer fans, it seems that this Euro Cup Championship would be Ronaldo’s tournament and would help Portugal in clinching the Euro Cup title for the first time. Portugal is having a well balanced team and most of the players are in top form. Ronaldo is also at the peak of his form as it is evident from his club level performances. His recent exploits for his team Real Madrid, says all about the majestic patch he is going through in his career.

Being a diehard fan of Portugal football team, I deeply wish that Portugal win the Euro Cup 2012 and Ronaldo play a major role in the victory. But as with any other team game, football is not a one man show and there needs to be a collective team effort for any team to taste success. Portugal has a much talented side and if the crucial members of the team strikes form at the right time, then nothing can stop Portugal from winning their maiden Euro Cup Championship.


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